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Koersboost Coffee 3 x 500 gr

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The ‘Koersboost’

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a natural substance that gives the body a boost. In the world of cycling, this fabric is often used for the finals. It provides extra alertness and is performance-enhancing. This is the exact boost you get when drinking a cup of Koersboost A boost that not only stimulates performance on the bike, but also next to the bike.

This is what we call ‘Koersboost’.

Out of stock



And of course coffee and cycling go very well together. The search for a perfect cycling coffee started at the beginning of 2021. 8 months later, together with a local roaster, we found the perfect cycling coffee, called ‘Koersboost‘. The coffee for cyclists that is made locally, on a small scale and therefore super fresh. With an unparalleled taste experience, if we do say so ourselves!

Yes we know, you should taste coffee and not talk too much about it. yet we make an attempt.

The coffee is a so-called “Dark roast”. The beans are roasted slowly so that the flavor penetrates into the core of the bean. Therefore the taste is clearly present. Without aftertaste, which makes the coffee pleasant to drink.

The beans come from 4 different countries. Brazil, Inida, Ethiopia and Colombia. The best of these 4 countries come together in this Koersboost coffee.

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