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25.000 kilometers cycling pleasure in 1 bottle!

Watt Saver is our chain coating (advanced version of lubricant) that ensures that your chain lasts longer, makes no creaking noise and saves up to 10 watts!

1 application takes about 500 kilometers and there are about 50 applications in a bottle.

  • Protect your chain
  • Save up to 10 Watts
  • 25,000 kilometers of cycling pleasure

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Protect your chain, save watts!

You have oil, chain lubricant and all kinds of different variants. However, there is only 1 chain coating. We present you the Watt Saver. Already tested in different variants in 2019 on, among other things, the Dutch (salt) beaches. and passed this test.

The chain coating, which puts a glass-hard layer over the chain, is suitable for all seasons and weather conditions. Thanks to this extremely dirt-repellent layer, you can quickly save up to 10 watts!

Advantages using Watt Saver:

✅ Durable in use
✅ Less wear
✅ Save Watts
✅ No dirt adhesion
✅ Salt water resistant
✅ Penetrates to the core
✅ Corrosion resistant
✅ Biodegradable
✅ No more cracking

About Protect My Bike:

Protect My Bike is for the sporty cyclist who is careful with his equipment and does not want to compromise on quality. We’ve developed the very best cleaning and protection products to get the most out of your bike. After all, nobody is happy with paint damage or a cracking chain. In addition to developing and making these products available, we share all our knowledge that we have gained in recent years in the field of bicycle maintenance. Because a ‘happy bike means a happy life’ ;-)

If you’ve any questions, pls let us know>

Good luck with your choice!

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