Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT Skins – Special editions

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These are the special editions of our Wrap My Bike skins for the Wahoo ELMNT BOLT.

As you are used from Wrap My Bike, these are not just standard colors. No, we have deliberately made these colorful designs exciting, so that you and your cycling friends can still see their eyes out.

With the Wahooligan, Cobble stones and Rainbow paint editions, cycling with your Wahoo ELMNT BOLT is a party!

With our instructional videos, the ‘skins’ are easy to apply and remove again if you ever want to.

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Wrap My Bike introduces to you, the Wahoo ELMNT BOLT skin.
This is a custom made skin from high quality vinyl print foil.

With this custom-cut vinyl foil it is very easy to customize your own Wahoo ELMNT BOLT cycling computer. Nothing is impossible anymore!

Based on our instructional videos you will be guided step by step in wrapping your own Wahoo.

We have selected the following chameleon editions for you:

  • The Wahooligan Edition: Every millimeter of this design is interesting, everywhere you will be able to discover something new that had not been seen before. Each part is therefore manually incorporated into the design by the computer, so it’s been quite a job 😄
  • The Cobble stone Edition: A photo from our own archive, taken approximately 50 meters from the top of the Oude Kwaremont. The mythical climb in the Tour of Flanders. Is your Wahoo getting the honor to wear this skin?
  • The Rainbow paint Edition: A special dedication to all world champions cycling around the world. After all, aren’t we all a bit world champions? 😜 At least in our dreams.

If you’ve any questions, pls let us know>

Good luck with your choice!

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.1 cm

Wahoo BOLT Wahooligan Edition, Wahoo BOLT Cobble Edition, Wahoo BOLT Rainbow paint Edition


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