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A few sprays here, a few sprays there, let it soak in for a while, smear with a cloth and you’re done. Your road bike or mountain bike is then protected against UV, dirt and water for the next 2-3 months. Great isn’t it?!

Our Bling Bling not only saves time, it also ensures that your paint stays in better condition and the bike looks better.

1 application lasts 2-3 months, 20+ applications per bottle.

  • Protects the paint
  • Save time in cleaning
  • Durable in use
  • Gloss shines more, matte is more matte

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‘Your bike like new again’

You know it, bicycles and cars that are in the showroom and that are very shiny. It makes you extra greedy to buy that particular bike or car because the bike/car is so beautiful.

Now suppose you can buy an improved variant of this wax. One that lasts no less than 2-3 months, which you can apply yourself and which you can enjoy for a long time.

You guessed it, we have it for you! Meet ‘Bling Bling’. A kit containing the component SI02, which is also found in coatings. Fills the pores of the paint, giving the bike more shine and the matte better. With the additional advantage that dirt adheres less well and the bicycle is cleaned faster.

Advantages of Bling Bling paint protection:

Dirt does not adhere well to the paint of the bicycle
Protects the paint of your bicycle against UV and dirt
✅ Cleaning your bicycle takes less time
✅ Lifespan of 2-3 months
Water splashes off the bicycle thanks to SIO2 Sealant
✅ Sealant adheres deep into the pores of the bicycle the varnish

About Protect My Bike:

Protect My Bike is for the sporty cyclist who is careful with his equipment and does not want to compromise on quality. We’ve developed the very best cleaning and protection products to get the most out of your bike. After all, nobody is happy with paint damage or a cracking chain.

In addition to developing and making these products available, we share all our knowledge that we have gained in recent years in the field of bicycle maintenance. Because a ‘happy bike means a happy life‘ ;-)

If you’ve any questions, pls let us know>

Good luck with your choice!

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