‘Cycling and customization is our passion’

Since 2018, Wrap My Bike has been the place to be for personalizing bicycles and other accessories. Originated from a passion for cycling and personalization.

We love to share our passion for customizing bikes and accessories with everyone. That is why we have made various do-it-yourself skins. Pre-cut films that you can apply according to our instructions.
Making cycling even more fun is our mission. In line with this, we have also made a line of protective equipment and coffee accessories under the name Koersboost and Protect My Bike.

Custom canyon ultimate wrapping

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In 2021 Wrap My Bike is a leader in the cycling world when it comes to customizing. By looking for smart solutions through our skins and daring to think outside the box regarding the designs, the most unique creations have been realized.

As a result, more than 50,000 followers know how to find us on social media. Where we see opportunities for further improvements, we tackle them. This has led to our product range also consisting of locally roasted coffee, cleaning products and other custom accessories like bicycle standards and pumps.

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