November giveaway

The time of celebration and gift giving is coming. In the Netherlands and Belgium as the first Sinterklaas to visit on 5 December. Christmas later in the year.

We also like to give away at Wrap My Bike. That’s why we’re coming up with the next giveaway this month. We are giving away a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2 computer, a Ceramic pulley for Shimano and Sram and also a complete Koersboost coffee package. All completely custom of course. You don’t want to miss this!

Because the prize pool can still be expanded :-)

How to participate?

Participating is very easy. We have the ‘WIN-WIN’ bucket at our office. This is filled with everyone who orders from us on this webshop.

For every 15 euros spent on the shop, your name goes into the bucket once. So, for example, order 1 CrankSkin for EUR 34.95. Then your name will go into the ‘WIN-WIN’ bucket twice. This way you can determine for yourself how big the chance is that you will come out as the winner.

The giveaway applies to all our products, so in addition to our Wrap My Bike skins, it is also valid for products from Koersboost and Protect My Bike.

Orders from Friday 5 November to Saturday 4 December will be included in the giveaway. Then on Sunday 5 December, the day of ‘Sinterklaas’, 3 raffle tickets will be drawn. This is all happening live on instagram for everyone to see.

The first ticket drawn is the race boost prize, the second the ceramic pulley and the last ticket drawn wins the Wahoo bicycle computer.

Follow the giveaway

Of course you want to be kept informed about the Giveaway. That’s why we go live on instagram every Monday to Friday at 12:00 GMT+1 during giveaway.

While we go live, the bucket will be filled with all the new names participating in the giveaway. This way you can check yourself whether everything is going well and fairly.

During this live session you will immediately have the opportunity to ask questions to our team.