Custom bicycle logos

Logos for your bike and/or wheels. It always makes a huge difference, can make a bike a lot cooler, but unfortunately there aren’t a lot of good options yet.

Often the logos don’t fit due to a different type of model or a different size. And mismatched logos aren’t pretty to look at.

So… We at Wrap My Bike have come up with a solution. A solution that demands a little more from you, but which ensures a perfect result!

This gives you the opportunity to give your bike your own twist in an accessible way.

How it works

Because logos of bicycles often differ in size, we have come up with the following solution.

1) After ordering, you will first receive a work-out package from us sent to your home. This consists of transparent application foil, a handy pen tool and degreaser. Also includes written and video instructions. With this kit you can draw the logo.

2) The signed logo can then be scanned or sent to us as a photo (with measurements). This allows us to make the logo 100% accurate and tailor-made for your type of bicycle or set of wheels. You can indicate the desired color or design with a matte or gloss finish.

3) After you have sent the scanned file, we will process it as quickly as possible, so that your custom printed and cut-out logos will be sent within 3 working days.

4) With rewritten and video instructions you will be guided in applying the logos. Something that is very easy to do, especially with our assistance.

It’s that simple, you can now enjoy your new logos on your bike and/or wheels!

Custom Roval reflective logos


Rainbow colours, panther prints, chrome gold, chrome silver, holographic or just matt/gloss black.

You can’t think of it as crazy as, it is possible. All colors are even within the same price!

Custom design is also possible. There is really no limit to what is possible. For the custom-made logos, a small additional cost is charged to reimburse the design costs.