Three ways to protect your Crank set

A Damaged Crankset

Everyone hates a damaged crankset. And most of us have had it happen to us. Especially the crank arms are vulnerable for damage, scratches and other flying debris. In the end your shoes fly past your crank thousands of times. So how can you protect not just your crank but also the appearance of your beloved bike?

Crank Protection

Wrap my bike has developed a unique way to protect your crankset. A Vinyl “skin” made and cut to match your crank. The skin protects your crank from scratches and debris. The Skin is made with strong 3M foil to make your crank last longer. Your cranks appearance is not the only thing that decreases but the resell value also drops drastically.

Back in Black

Besides the clear crank protection we also started selling black crank stickers.

The stickers are wanted by many people as they are simple and don’t draw a lot of attention. just simple old black stickers.


But like many others people want to customise their own bicycle. That’s the reason why we also have crank skins with colors and designs. We offer a range of designs from carefully designed by one of our designers.

But you can also design your own. This way you can match your crank with your bike.

The vinyl / ppf skins are cut to precision with a machine. The Skins are very thin so they barely add any weight to the bike and come in at about 4 grams total. Although the skins is lightweight it still offers enough of a protection layer to protect your crankset.

For every crank we offer a skins.there are a lot of sizes so we have a bunch of cranks you can choose from. We have developed the skins in such that you only have to apply the foil. So you just receive a pre-cut skin with add-ons and instructions so you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.


You can shop our crank skins here